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The active disposal process is made up of three phases:

» Collection of food processing fats and oils, waste category No. 200125 based on the Waste Disposal Act No. 185/2001 Coll.

» Starting a microbial culture in the place of the primary pollution and making the inner sewerage passable, with a following disposal in the grease trap, waste category No. 19 08 09, 19 01 10, based on the Waste Disposal Act No. 185/2001 Coll., 254/2001 Coll. of the Water Act, 274/2001 Coll. about water pipelines and sewerages.

» Last but not least, we have started to specialise in collecting and disposing of biologically degradable waste of category No. 20 01 08 (rests of food) based on Act No. 91/1996 Coll. and the following decree No. 451/2000 Coll., including the order of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE EUROPEAN COUNCIL UNDER No. 1069/2009

» Cleaning fat sewerage by a pressure cleaner and disposal of the content of grease trap.

» Cleaning waste water and maintaining extractable matters within the prescribed limit, laid down by the drain line.
» Keeping the sewerages passable.
» Cleaning sewerages by pressure water and rotation jet.
» Keeping the functionality of the grease trap and its maintenance.
» Delivery and installation of the grease trap in an environment not accessible for machine tools.
» Documentation necessary for the transportation and disposal of the content of the grease trap.
» Taking samples of waste water and analyses in an accredited laboratory.
» Periodical local cleaning of waste pipeline by a mobile pressure device.
» Observing the legislative according to the "European amendment"