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About the EKO PF Company

About the EKO PF Company

Our company was established in 1995 as an exclusively Czech company, specialised in providing ecological services, especially in gastronomy facilities.

The objective of the EKO-PF company is a nationwide coverage of the ČR.

The company’s activity especially focuses on the private sector as the demands of the technologies used generate individual problems in waste systems /inner sewage network, service connections, septic tanks, cesspools, pits, small home water treatment plants etc./

The main objective, however, remains providing complex services / the BIOSYSTEMS project / in the field of waste treatment in gastronomic facilities, e.g. canteens, hotels, restaurants etc.

We provide our clients with monitoring including an active waste management control, including laboratory tests of sewage water on the outlet into public networks.

We provide legal counselling in the appropriate field of legislation.

We carry out an active service on all technologies installed by us, all over the Czech Republic.

We confirm the supply of preparations in their original packages and installing original technological facilities, and guarantee them with authorisation submitted.

Waste disposal units, Waste disposal preparations, Technological unit, Biodegradation of fat substances, Liquid bacterial complex, Bacterial "bomb" for a local clearing of blocked pipeline, Degradation of oil substances, it degrades and lowers waste in grease traps and water treatment plants, recommended price, EKOlogical disinfection and cleaning preparation, an efficient means for degreasing floors and other greasy surfaces, Specially strong cleaning agent, Disinfection agent to replace the Savo detergent and to support bio-culture, Spice Magic, Odour remover, pleasant scenting of the environment, Biological system of cleaning floors. All the prices given are without VAT.